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Powder coating is a type of finish that is applied to a clean metal surface, and then baked on to provide a durable and customizable look. What makes powder coating so interesting is that it comes in a large variety of colors and even textures. You can create a unique look for your car or motorcycle while at the same time giving it added protection from environmental elements. Powder coating does not rust, peel or fade so the look you want will last.

The first step in powder coating is making sure the item to be coated is completely clean and free of moisture. The item is stripped of old paint and grease, then sand blasted to bare metal so that the new powder coating has the cleanest surface to adhere to. Next, the item is pre-baked, followed by a coating of color. Finally the curing stage is next, where the powder is baked onto the part. The final product is a one of a kind, fun and exciting addition to your project that will catch everyone’s eye.